FARdigital is a Portland, OR based boutique digital publicity and marketing firm that specializes in giving artists, brands, and musicians that extra reach that they crave. FAR is consistently looking to maintain and exceed expectations in an effort to bring your vision to the masses. From EP / LP / single releases, brand launches, video campaigns, to tour marketing and more—with a decade of digital expertise and execution, FAR has you covered.

Album Release Promo

(Suggested campaign length: 4-5 months)

Includes setting up exclusive premieres for available assets, blog spotlights, interviews, album reviews, in-studio appearances, press release servicing and more.

Single Release Promo

(Suggested campaign length: 1-2 months)

Exclusive premiere and press release servicing with blog outreach.

Playlist Placement Promo

(Suggested campaign length 1-2 months)

Pitch playlist tastemakers at Spotify and Apple Music to have your music added.

Tour Promo

(Suggested campaign length: 1 month before the tour starts, plus tour duration)

Includes setting up all manner of tour press. In-stores, local market coverage, alt-weeklies, show reviews, etc.

Social Media

Includes social media timeline creation and campaign strategy. Does not include day-to-day posting.

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