Let us be your music PR solution

You’ve made the record you’ve always wanted to make. Now let us do the heavy lifting and get it in front of the people that matter. With a decade of experience as one of the top indie music pr firms, we’ll elevate your online footprint and give your music the audience it deserves.

Our Experience

Whether you’re about to release a new album, single, music video, or go on tour, FARdigital has you covered. We are a full-service digital PR and marketing firm, dedicated to indie artists and bands. We bring a decade of alternative music PR experience to the table and tailor each project to the specific needs of the artist. We understand there are many indie music PR firms that make promises they can’t keep. That’s why when you team up with FARdigital, you can expect tactile, visible results that make your commitment to PR worthwhile.

FARdigital launched 6 years ago after several years of hands-on experience at Total Assualt, an established and widely recognized PR firm. FARdigital brings a well-balanced resume to the table. Based in Portland, OR with roots in Los Angeles, CA we’ve brought the music industry hustle to the Pacific Northwest.

We’ve executed extensive PR campaigns for major label artists and independent artists alike, serving built-in fanbases and creating new ones all the same.

With editorial and tastemaker relationships across music, pop-culture, fashion, tech, and lifestyle, we have the ability to work any and every niche. We provide top-tier Spotify and streaming platform promo, understanding the importance of playlist placements in today’s music discovery landscape. Staying in touch with the movements of the industry as a whole is a point of pride in what we do.

Every indie music PR firms key to success is communication. We want to know your expectations, and short-term and long-term goals, so we can meet you half-way and assist in turning those dreams into reality.

Having worked with rock, indie, pop, alternative, EDM, and R&B artists, there is no project we’re not ready to take on. The only requirement is that you are as passionate about your project as we are. So hey, what are you waiting for? Looking to release an EP? Promote a tour? Release a single? Album? Look no further. Let us show you why we’re one of the best indie music PR firms in Portland.